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IC Curriculum That Brings Industry and Academia Together

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    In recent years, we’ve seen accelerated adoption of industrialized construction (IC). As organizations begin their transformation journey toward IC, the role of culture, skills, technology, and processes increases in importance. What stands out is the need to shift our thinking, behaviors, and process to facilitate this change. Above all, transformation cannot occur without highly skilled graduates entering the workforce. Motivated by this need, we’ve released an open-source curriculum entitled “Industrialized construction for the built environment lifecycle.” We’ll explore how to use the curriculum, and we’ll discuss the benefits to students, educators, and industry professionals through case studies of universities that have implemented the curriculum. This panel discussion will highlight the status of developing a road map where stakeholders can work together to enable graduates with the knowledge of interdisciplinary skills required to embrace IC in order to succeed in the transformation process.

    Key Learnings

    • Discuss strategies needed to incorporate skills and competencies required for education and training in IC.
    • Learn about developing an implementation road map for IC curriculum adoption through meaningful engagement of industry and academia.
    • Learn about emphasizing investments by all stakeholders, not just in technology but also in teams, skills, and a digital-ready workforce.
    • Discuss the importance of shifting from a project-based mindset to a product-based mindset.