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Hybrid Manufacturing: Combining DED Additive and Subtractive Workflows Effectively

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    New manufacturing processes and hardware are changing the way products are designed and made. This class will focus on how companies can use innovative DED (directed energy deposition) additive processes in their businesses to respond faster, produce more efficiently, and produce parts they couldn't have through traditional manufacturing techniques. We'll be focusing primarily on PowerMill 2019 software's support for additive/hybrid manufacturing processes, and the Diversified Machine Systems (DMS) Hybrid Machining Center that combines 5-axis additive and 5-axis subtractive machining. You'll learn which industries have lead the way in adopting these technologies and how they've implemented them, which applications in your shop could benefit from DED hybrid technology, how to most effectively plan for hybrid processes, and how to best utilize the new Additive tools in PowerMill.

    Key Learnings

    • Understanding Metal AM, Directed Energy Deposition, & Hybrid Manufacturing
    • Learn the most common applications for DED today
    • Understand different DED/Hybrid platforms and how they differ
    • Learn how DED/Hybrid manufacturing technology is being applied to repair high-value aerospace blisk by our Autodesk Advanced Consulting Team and Industry Partners