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How to model a civil engineering like a digital twin without 3D scanning ?

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    How can we model a civil engineering structure like a digital twin without 3D scanning? If you want to know how to take up the challenge of replicating 62 stations platforms in 4 months, this case study talks about the Marseille subway stations project (In France). Throughout this presentation, we will be demonstrating how to use Civil3D, Subassembly Composer, Dynamo and Excel to reduce the time needed by 4, thereby reducing costs. Firstly, we will show the project and the stakes, then the workflow by way of adaptive profiles and finally we will present the possibilities of developing this idea further. Yes, this Workflow can be compatible with any project. Through this presentation, you can discover a new approach to using Civil 3D now and in the future. This case study can improve skills and offer new possibilities.

    Key Learnings

    • Model without expensive tools
    • Discover a new approach to software
    • Adapt and deepen the workflow as needed
    • Collaborate with partners