How Reality Capture will impact Factory and Plant Retrofitting
Lecture    RC3770
Elmer Bol
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Retrofitting is a key component in the lifecycle of every factory and plant. In this class, we will explore the latest Reality Capture technologies and how they apply to retrofitting plant and factory facilities. Different tools and technologies will be reviewed that are key to dealing with Reality Capture data that help in successful retrofitting. A view into the future will also be given on how Reality Capture is expected to change the workflows of the user of the Autodesk portfolio products.

Key Learnings

  • Streamline the workflow of retrofitting by using new reality capture processing tools
  • Describe the latest tools for data capturing and processing
  • Use laser scan data for plant design


 Elmer Bol
Elmer Bol
Elmer is Director, Reality Capture for Autodesk. He is an established Reality Capture evangelist speaking for many years at conferences and to customers all over the world. He co-founded an innovative start-up company focused on democratizing Reality Capture software which led the industry in promoting and creating solutions for combining different types of data acquisition methods.


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