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Hold on to Your Assets: How to Use Fusion 360 Manage to Manage Your Molds

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    At its core, Fusion 360 Manage software is used to manage parts, assemblies, and the change process associated with them. But have you ever considered that Fusion 360 Manage could be used to manage the assets that are used to manufacture your parts, specifically molds? This class will cover a customer use case in which they built a workspace to manage the development of their molds and a second workspace to manage the use of their molds in production. We'll cover topics such as: how to utilize the grid tab to manage the daily shots in each mold; how that can trigger warning emails to indicate abnormalities with production; and how the mold relationship back to the parts and assemblies workspace can provide management with a snapshot of life expectancy of each mold.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover how the customer set up an asset management workspace to manage molds
    • Learn how the grid tab can be used to keep track of shots for each mold
    • Discover how JavaScript can be used to send warning emails when abnormalities in data indicate a production issue
    • Learn how building relationships across workspaces provides a snapshot of mold life expectancy