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Hands-on Lab    CI2321-L
Grid to Ground and Beyond: Advanced Surveying Lab
Autodesk University
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Transformations, assumed coordinates, local coordinates, custom projections, extended point attributes, geodetic scale factors, convergence angles, high accuracy GIS, DESC key codes, GPS collection, scanner collection, field to finish automation, corridor stakeout�If any of this makes sense to you, then this is the lab to attend. We do a hands-on deep dive to explore each of these topics and you are sure to walk away amazed with the surveying and data positioning powers in Infrastructure Design Suite that you can use to your full advantage.

Key Learnings

  • Transform survey points and figures across local and assumed coordinate systems
  • Prepare accurate plans in both grid and ground measure, and identify critical measurement errors on extra-long projects
  • Add extra attribute information to points and create automatic offset stakeout points on your corridors designs
  • Automate survey reduction with field to finish best practices


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