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Going 24/7 on 6 Continents: One Ford, One Team, One Goal = One CAD Standard?

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    Ford Motor Company presents the continuing experiences in attaining one CAD standard on 6 continents that is available 24/7. Learn the ups and downs of this process and what products and solutions were successful, and which ones hit the road. Is it really possible to implement CAD standards on this large a scale? Now that we are well into this trip, we share the journey as we continue down this bumpy road in our efforts to achieve CAD harmony. Attend this class to hear how you too can drive your CAD standards into the fast lane and put them in overdrive.

    Key Learnings

    • Implement standards that can travel both inside and outside the company
    • Describe what shifts in the process can increase your speed and what slows you down
    • Avoid CAD collisions and slow-moving users
    • Apply long term thinking while managing short-term objectives