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Go with the Flow: Common Workflow Process in VRED Professional Software

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    This class teaches the common workflow process used in VRED Professional software to create high-quality, real-time renderings that realistically visualize design ideas. The class will begin by opening a native VRED (.vpb) design model as a real-time rendering in the default OpenGL render method. Students will learn to optimize the model by fixing the geometry and using Scenegraph to organize the parts. We will assign VRED Professional software materials and we will modify them to dress up the geometry so that the visual display is enhanced and the realism is improved. Finally, we will modify the render setting options to obtain a high-quality rendering, and then we will create an image for presentation. The class will finish with a brief discussion about the raytracing render method and how it creates renderings with physically correct lighting, reflections, refractions, and shadows.

    Key Learnings

    • Work with Scenegraph and optimize the model geometry
    • Learn how to assign and modify materials
    • Learn how to apply an HDR image and set it as a background environment
    • Learn how to work with different render setting options in OpenGL rendering method and create an image