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Getting all Stairry Eyed with Dynamo

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    Stairs are a unique architectural feature which often provide a dramatic feature in architectural design. However the toolset available in Revit can make them quite difficult to reach the level of aesthetic expression that we desire, which leads to incomplete work-arounds and use of model-in place families. So, come on a journey with us through stair building in Dynamo, where we explore how to conceptualize the complex geometry and parts, think laterally about how to get there, and build our own bespoke project tool that results in a stunning stair. We’ll use the paper architectural staircase in the Captive Space project in Cuba, by Veliz Arquitecto as case study, to explore, step by step, how to bring this magnificent design to life.

    Key Learnings

    • Implement a process to translate sketch geometry into parametric form in Dynamo.
    • Simplify the production of complex repeated forms present in a stairs and other design features via Dynamo.
    • Evaluate viability of design prior to implementation with Generative Design.
    • Identify other applications and integrations of computational form creation in your design process.