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Getting Started with Inventor HSM for Designers and Engineers

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    With rapid growth in technology—especially in manufacturing processes—coordination between designers, engineers, and shop-floor CNC (computer numerical control) programmers is a challenging scenario. Manufacturers cannot always make designs created by designers and engineers, and they send the designs back to the design team for modification in the part model. Additionally, sometimes the right tools may not be available on the shop floor. To overcome these problems, designers and engineers should obtain a basic knowledge of CNC programming and CNC-code generation, which could reduce the time to market and enhance the company's return on investment. This class covers the steps involved in importing the CAD Model into Inventor HSM integrated CAM Solution for Inventor 2015 software. This process reduces the errors involved during importation and further enables designers and engineers to generate CNC codes and set up models for manufacturability. We will also discuss workflow regarding sending the codes to a machine.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to import and manage 3D solid models for machining
    • Learn how to create 2 1/2-axis machining job setups
    • Learn how to create CNC machining operations using Inventor HSM software for milling and drilling
    • Learn how to simulate toolpath and post process CNC codes for machines