Get Smart with Autodesk® Inventor® Modeling
Lecture    MA2843
Jake Fowler
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Design faster and get better results by learning how Autodesk Inventor software thinks. In this class, you will learn how to be more successful in creating 3D models. We will cover tips and tricks and explain how to avoid and overcome bad modeling practices. Come and learn how to improve your Inventor modeling skills and become more valuable to your company.

Key Learnings

  • Describe bad modeling practices and how you can avoid and overcome them
  • Design more compelling products
  • Create successful 3D models
  • List tips and tricks to ensure modeling success


 Jake Fowler
Jake Fowler
Jake is a Senior Software QA Engineer at Autodesk, working with the Autodesk ShapeManager development team in Cambridge, UK. He is one of Autodesk's leading internal authorities on Inventor part modelling, and has been responsibile for training Autodesk employees, resellers and users on how best to use Inventor's modelling functionality. With a combination of both software development and product design expertise, Jake acts as a vital link between the people who write Autodesk software and the people who use Autodesk software.

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