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The Future of Workflows: Cloud-Based Tools to Optimize Your Workflow

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    In this interactive session, we will discuss how workflows are evolving with the cloud. We will discuss the difference between workflows that are procedural and those that mirror company processes. We will also discuss how training workflows can become job resource tools and vice versa. This interactive session will explore your custom training options and demonstrate how modern technology provides the opportunity to have the best of all worlds—the unique corporate knowledge of your own subject matter experts and lower cost than that involved in retaining a traditional training firm or funding in-house trainers. This session will show attendees how to improve both training development and effectiveness with just-in-time knowledge capture, course development, and learning options. This enables high-billable-rate professionals (both subject matter experts and their staff) to be project-ready on demand. And that all makes your company more competitive in future project bids.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to identify and understand the value of workflows and the functionality of cloud-based workflows
    • Learn how to develop a comprehensive BIM training development plan
    • Learn how to capture and share specialized corporate knowledge
    • Learn how to implement and publish using The Generator custom eTraining development tool