Pre-conference Session    FDC328324
The Future of Data: Forge Data Platform
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"At last year’s Forge DevCon, we looked at our approach to developing a data platform built for a future where design and make have converged . . . a future where accessing, modifying, and connecting data at any phase in your project or product lifecycle have become critical to success . . . a future that becomes more and more of a reality every day.

Come check out the progress we’ve made on the Forge Data platform, where we’re heading in the future, and how you can leverage Forge Data for your business."

Key Learnings

  • Get a glimpse of what Autodesk sees as future paradigms in design data sharing, management, editing, and querying.
  • Understand how Forge Data contributes to those paradigms and supports present/future Autodesk products and 3rd party apps
  • Learn what the Forge Data team has been working on during the past year and what we’re planning to roll out in the future.
  • Identify how you might be able to contribute and leverage the data platform.



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