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Fusion 360 and SketchBook as Teammates

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    Most people do not think of sketching and CAD as direct partners. They are typically viewed specifically as Step 1 and Step 2. Last year at Autodesk University, I hosted a very popular class on this very subject. Please join me for this session and explore the strength of sketching and CAD working together. Sketching is a tool that everyone should use (and I believe everyone can sketch). It is a wonderful tool that can bridge language and distance hurdles. In addition, as a project moves to CAD, sketching helps fill in the blanks for development. As CAD becomes more dominant in the process, the tool is capitalized on for detail, verification, and production. This is the heart of what CAD does best. In addition, we will talk about CAD at the start of a project and sketching toward the end of a project! Come sketch with me, learn about CAD, and see the symbiotic relationship between SketchBook mobile app and Fusion 360 software. This session features Fusion 360 and Sketchbook Express.

    Key Learnings

    • Gain improved sketch/visualization skills and confidence
    • Get understanding of and exposure to Fusion 360
    • Understand and gain exposure to SketchBook
    • Learn how to capitalize on sketching and CAD as partners