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Fusion 360 and EAGLE—Mechanical Engineering Meets the World of Electronics

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    Many of the products we design and finally use are developed in mechanical CAD software. However, in almost all products, you’ll also find an electronic part. Without them, most products would be pointless. With the two Autodesk programs Fusion 360 software and EAGLE software, these two worlds grow together. This class will provide insight into the world of electronics. We intend to explain very basic things: What is a printed circuit board (PCB) and how is it manufactured? Which electronic components are used? How is an electronic layout created in EAGLE and how can a mechanical engineer use, change, and create a layout in Fusion 360? These basic questions will be explained using some illustrative examples.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover how Fusion 360 and EAGLE unifies MCAD and ECAD
    • Gain insight into the fundamentals of electronic design
    • Learn about the fundamentals of PCP design
    • Learn about the manufacturing process of PCBs