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Fusion 360: Simulation for Designer and Calculators

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    Simulation technology for designers is opening powerful design tools to a wide community of designers. Now you can make the right design decisions, improve your product functionality, and decrease weight without time-consuming setup, model simplifications, and hard-to-interpret results. In this class you will discover how easily you can improve your design with a 1-Click Solution. No extensive experience or specialized education or training is needed for our Simulation software tools. In addition, I will demonstrate a couple of early implementations of the Fusion 360 app calculators that will help you to quickly generate right models, such as gears or bolted connections. This software is powered by known and industry-proven Inventor Design Accelerators technology.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to make your design more functional
    • Learn how to make your product lighter and cheaper
    • Understand direction for mechanical engineering components such as gears and bolted connections
    • Learn how to simulate behavior of your model when loaded or dropped