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Fusion 360: Rapid Parametric Design Concepts

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    Conceptual modeling is critical to the design workflow, and with Fusion 360 software, it's extremely easy and fast. In this class, we'll talk about how best to approach conceptual modeling from within Fusion 360, and we'll cover different techniques that will save you time when you need to reuse your work. Discover how to use stamps to create incredible details within moments, and replicate it across your work. Capitalize on your existing work to drive your designs through modeling, marketing, and media. And all of this accumulates in showing real-world examples and their conceptual design process using Fusion 360. This class will do this all while using the power of parameters inside of your model for fast, quick changes that won't break your existing concepts. At the end of this class, you will understand new approaches for conceptual modeling inside of Fusion 360, and understand the best way to transition your work throughout your design process.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to set up designs to reuse, copy, and edit to save time
    • Learn how to use stamps and existing work to speed up your process with detail
    • Understand different ways to push concepts further down the pipeline, using existing work
    • Learn from examples how powerful parameters can be in conceptual design