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Fusion 360 Modeling: Under the Hood

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    Design products faster and get better results by learning how Fusion 360 software's modeling tools work under the hood. In this class, we'll describe best practices and advanced features in Fusion 360 software's Model, Patch, and Sculpt toolsets; provide modeling workflow tips and tricks; and explain how to avoid and overcome bad modeling practices. Come and learn how to improve your day-to-day modeling workflows and become an expert in Fusion 360 modeling.

    Key Learnings

    • Understand Fusion 360 software’s solid, surface, and T-Splines modeling tools, and learn how best to use each toolset
    • Discover Fusion 360 software’s hidden and advanced modeling functionality
    • Understand bad modeling practices and how you can avoid and overcome them
    • Learn how to achieve successful 3D models with speed and precision