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Fusion 360 Introduction to Generative Design
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Last year I did an “Introduction to Fusion 360 Generative Design” lecture so this year I think it is time to give the users a chance to see how it works. This time I want to do a hands-on lab where I will break it down in to three areas The Setup, The Analysis and The Results. I hope this will allow the users that are not sure what Generative Design does a chance to walk through the process and see how it works. This will give users who don’t currently use Generative Design but are interested a chance to try out a part and see not just what it does but how it is used.

Key Learnings

  • Define what Generative Design is.
  • Go through a setup for a part.
  • Run through an Analysis.
  • Review the results.


Fusion 360 Introduction to Generative Design

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