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Fusion 360—CAM Fundamental Workflows

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    This class will focus on Fusion 360 CAM fundamentals for both new and current users by investigating workflows in the CAM workspace. Demonstrating how simple it is to use Fusion 360 CAM, we’ll apply turning and 2D milling operations with geometry selections that drive them, and learn how geometry-based toolpaths can be applied using 3D milling strategies. Attendees will learn how to verify toolpaths with full stock simulation, create setup sheets, and post process G-code for their machines. These foundational concepts will help new users understand the benefits of truly integrated CAD/CAM using Fusion 360 to seamlessly update all toolpaths when CAD revision or design changes are required. This class will help you learn how to make anything with Fusion 360.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover CAM milling and turning setups by defining stock size and work coordinate systems
    • Discover the difference between turning toolpaths strategies and milling operations
    • Learn about effective workflows with geometry-driven operation templates
    • Learn how to verify an efficient integrated approach to product prototype development