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Full Color 3D Printing: Practical Applications

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    Full-color 3D printing experts from Mimaki will be leading a session detailing how their customers are using full-color 3D prints in their workflows around the globe. Utilizing Autodesk software, Mimaki users are pushing the limits of additive manufacturing in architecture and construction, design and engineering, and arts and entertainment to create models, mockups and products in a variety of fields. In this session, you'll learn about what sets the Mimaki 3DUJ series apart from other industrial level 3D printers and how they are being used today to change the way businesses create. You'll also learn how to go from on-screen 3D visual models in a verity of Autodesk software to physical, full color models and products with ease.

    Key Learnings

    • Understand material-jetting full color 3D printing and its strengths vs other technologies
    • Know the application opportunities within full color 3D printing