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From Projects to Platforms and Product

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    The future of designing and making buildings is at a tipping point, and a significant paradigm shift is not far away. Net zero is acting as the catalyst for radical change, and change—enabled by the shift toward off-site manufacturing and the availability of a raft of digital technologies and tools—is happening rapidly. This talk will look at the work of WSP's digital innovation team, and consider how to adopt designing for manufacture and assembly (DfMA) approaches where economies of scale align with configurators to drive product-orientated workflows and new customer experiences. Within this workflow, kits of parts and catalogues become crucial to the success of repeatable content, while enabling individual projects to create their own identities within circular economy approaches where longevity and replacement of larger subassemblies become commonplace. The case studies we present will underline all of these aspects.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn the workflow crucial to delivering kits of parts approaches.
    • Learn how to shift from project to platform and product approaches in the AEC sector.
    • Learn how circular economy approaches and adaptive buildings can be mobilized by circular economy approaches.
    • Learn how to create the right choices for development teams and how to set customer configuration strategies.