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Fostering Computational Culture

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    The reason computation is so intimidating is the same reason why it’s amazing: its near-limitless abilities. Automating tasks leaves more space for engineering and less room for human error. But how do you get 2,000+ employees interested and ready to step out of their comfort zone? This case study will showcase the importance of using computational tools on every project, and how to get even the most skeptical engineers to trust automation. We’ll talk about return on investment, who to upskill, and how to get very busy people to trust and use computational tools.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to create a culture around computation on projects and in the office (hacks, training).
    • Discover where efficiencies can be gained in your workflow.
    • Learn tried and true methods for upskilling: on-project hand holding, workflow creation, script rollout.
    • Learn about measuring success: Documenting your return on investment.