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Finite Element Analysis for the Casual User in Inventor

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    This is an introductory class into the advanced topic of finite element analysis (FEA). This class will be application-oriented rather than theory oriented, and it is intended for those of us who can gain design value from some basic FEA techniques without having to have a PhD in mathematics. The goal is to bring the accessibility of advanced Digital Prototyping tools to the casual user. Each year the "expert systems" software development brings practical accessibility to more and more users. You should jump in here and start learning these tools—now is the time. You can leave your calculator at home.

    Key Learnings

    • Consider the meaning of life: How do you know you have the answer?
    • Learn how to identify the scope and limitations of FEA in Inventor software
    • Learn how to set up FEA of simple assemblies in Inventor software
    • Learn how to do a parametric dimension FEA test of part iterations in Inventor software