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Finish on Time Every Time: Optimize Work Planning and Master Scheduling

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    Lean construction defines the “should” aspect of CPM (critical path method) master scheduling and the “can, will, and did” elements of weekly work planning. The challenge is that the master schedule is created by scheduling experts, where the weekly work planning happens in the field with the superintendent and the trades. The Skanska team will share how they maximize the master schedules to provide a project-level view of the time and resources requirements, and how they utilize short-term work plans to enable their construction teams to deliver projects on time and reduce waste with collaborative project planning and daily progress monitoring. This talk will highlight that the key for better project planning is the effective connectivity and data flow between long- and short-term schedules for different stakeholders on the project. With the introduction of both Schedule and Work Plan in Autodesk’s Build software, customers will have the tools to manage both project level schedules and weekly work plans in the unified platform.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn about the benefits of data flow, connectivity, and improved communication around short-term and long-term schedules
    • Learn best practices to determine the granularity in the master schedule versus the detail needed at the work-planning level
    • Learn how teams maximize Work Plan in Autodesk Build for remote and in-person collaboration during planning sessions
    • Learn how to arm project teams by sharing, communicating, and connecting the long-term schedule in Autodesk Build