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Finding the Needle in a Haystack: Query Filters and Thematic Rules in AutoCAD Map 3D

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    Sorting through the amount of GIS data that you download can be tedious. Using query filters can reduce the amount of data displayed in the table to just what you need for the task at hand. Furthermore, applying thematic rules groups like attributes together and displays them as such. In this roundtable session, we discuss a golden rule of cartography: It is not what you put on a map that makes it useful, it is what you leave off. After this class, you will be able to greatly reduce the number of entities in a shapefile to just those that apply to your project. Come and learn how to create a map that tells the story that you want to tell.

    Key Learnings

    • Use query filters to reduce the amount of GIS data
    • Apply thematic rules to group and display like attributes together
    • Create maps that tell your story without overwhelming the reader with too much information