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Factory Design Utilities for the Product Designer

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    What would you say if you could take a more-simplified concept model useful for quickly and accurately quoting jobs and then utilize that same model to jump start your detailed engineering design process? Sounds like a pretty great deal, right? If that's what you're thinking, then this will be a great class for you! We'll explore using the Factory Design Utilities software to quickly build concept models for the quoting and customer-presentation process. Specifically utilizing the Factory Design Utilities Connector technologies lets us easily "snap build" models together and transfer parameter values to maximize conceptual design efficiency. From there, we'll talk specific structure, utilizing virtual components within the concept model to drive BOM creation from real components, both standard library (non-changing) as well as custom-engineered parts with their associated drawings. This lets us save time engineering the model and integrate with data management systems, like Vault software.

    Key Learnings

    • Understand how Factory Design Utilities are used in design not just factory layouts
    • Learn how to use phantom-part design techniques to represent more-complex assemblies
    • Learn how to utilize virtual components to represent and configure real components
    • Learn how to create a link from the concept model to the production BOM and parts using iLogic