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Extreme Optimization: An Adventure with Generative Design for Fusion 360

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    The Gavisgon electric longboard project started back in 2018 when a German CNC (computer numerical control) machine vendor gave the speaker a longboard deck machined from billet aluminum on the condition that the speaker "do something cool with it." The speaker got to work with Fusion 360 software to design an electric skateboard. This class will walk you through the design journey for the key component—the rear truck that the drive assembly is mounted to—beginning with a customized off-the-shelf part, then iterating through a generatively designed, 3-axis, CNC-machined version, and finally a 5-axis, CNC-machined version.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn about some of the benefits and challenges of using Generative Design in Fusion 360 for a real-world application
    • Discover the key steps in the generative design workflow
    • Discover types of components that would make good candidates for generative design
    • Learn how to avoid common mistakes when tackling your first generative design project