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Exploring the InfraWorks Application Programming Interface to Help Cities Plan Better Public Transit
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Congestion and greenhouse gas from private vehicles is a serious cause of worry, and many cities are turning to public transit to make sure citizens have safe, reliable, and regular access to their cities. Join us for this lab to learn how to use the InfraWorks software API (application programming interface) to create functionality that enables the planning and analysis of public-transit changes in a conceptual design environment. You will also learn how the InfraWorks software API can help determine the walkability of a neighborhood, the access to amenities, and the environmental impact of a route.

Key Learnings

  • Learn how to integrate walk scores and transit scores into your model
  • Determine the service areas of a particular route
  • Learn how to determine the possible change in transit scores that a route may present
  • Learn how to determine the environmental impact of a route


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