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Efficient Digital Operating Model—Technology Is Not an Absolute Value

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    A small business from Finland recognized wasteful practices in real estate lifecycle's workflows and decided to tackle that waste by developing an efficient, digital operating model around Construction Cloud software and its integrations. It was essential to discard many old practices as obsolete and unsuitable for digital workflow. Technology wasn’t considered to hold any value itself; it was simply an enabler and facilitator. Our approach differs from the giants of our industry. We optimize with smaller projects, then move on to bigger ones. The strength of the model is its scalability. As a company that does construction project management, we affect the industry as a whole—owners, designers, contractors. Explore the traditional methods we wanted to discard and the key factors we wanted to master. Discover how we expanded scope, from efficiency factors to utilizing lean principles and dialectic models. This class will bring you everything we’ve learned so far and examine what comes next.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover five traditional project methods that can be tackled with Construction Cloud and improved workflows
    • Discover six key factors that, if mastered, lead to more-efficient projects
    • Discover how Construction Cloud modules and functionalities help when dealing with each individual key factor
    • Discover at least three challenges that come along with digital operating models and how we can overcome them