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Education: The Pitfalls and Success of Professional Production and Students

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    Universities set up relationships with companies as a way to bring real-world experience to the students. The students get a better understanding of production needs, practical working experience, and production credit prior to graduation. The university gets support from a production house and a connection to benefit future students. For the production company, this provides an increased labor force, an opportunity to share work practices, and potential employees after graduation. There are opportunities to make a successful connection and provide students great hands-on experience while in school, along with some pitfalls. During this class, we will talk about how to work effectively with production houses in a university setting and cover some of the pitfalls you may encounter along the way.

    Key Learnings

    • Ensure students get true value from the actual production
    • Develop a win-win synergy with the client
    • List the benefits of acting as an outsource company in a university setting
    • Identify potential pitfalls for the students and the educational system