Lecture    ED3777
Educating Industrial Designers for the Digital Age
Sunand Bhattacharya
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With the advent of ways to visualize ideas, develop design solutions, and rapidly prototype using digital software technologies, traditional ways of teaching industrial design in the classroom environment are lately being questioned by educators, employers, and students. The intent of this class is to present a curriculum model for teaching industrial design using digital software technologies as and where applicable. We will cover courses demonstrating the incorporation of digital software technologies for ideation, modeling, project management, drafting, prototyping, analysis, and injection mold design. Successful integration of this curricular effort into the discipline of industrial design is important for bridging the gap between education and industry expectations. Select academics and industry professionals will join us in a panel format to share their reactions to the curriculum model as well as to provide insights, experiences, and validations.

Key Learnings

  • Connect with faculty peers who have successfully incorporated digital tools into their classroom
  • Help students create their digital portfolio, demonstrating their cutting edge software expertise
  • Incorporate 3D design software into your industrial design programs
  • Identify gaps between industry expectations and industrial design education course offerings


 Sunand Bhattacharya
Sunand Bhattacharya
As part of Autodesk’s global education team, Sunand Bhattacharya manages the Academic Segment for Post-Secondary as their Learning Solutions Architect. He is responsible for strategy, management and evangelization of Autodesk’s curricula for its global post-secondary academic markets. He specializes in the application of design and interactive learning techniques for active and effective adult learning. Sunand has over twenty six years of academic, management and design experiences in industry and higher education. Prior to Autodesk, he was the Principle and Co-founding partner of Arjuna Learning Designs LLC., a firm specializing in the creation of interactive learning objects to enhance quality of teaching and learning. He has also been the National Director for Corporate Curriculum Development at ITT Educational Services, Inc. , a tenured Professor of Industrial Design at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale.

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