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Dynamo Packages: Have You Tried These Yet?
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In this session, we will explore some of the many great Dynamo packages that are available to improve your Dynamo experience. Have a little fun as we explore some of the packages that are available in the Dynamo Package Manager. We will look at packages from some of the greats—Andreas Dieckmann, Konrad Sobon, Nate Miller, and John Pierson, to name a few. And we’ll examine packages that can work with Navisworks software, Microsoft Excel, landscape design, and more. We will also touch on how to deploy Dynamo packages company-wide. While the general flow of this class will be fun, we will look at lots of helpful packages that can increase your productivity as well.

Key Learnings

  • Learn about some great Dynamo packages
  • Discover some of the cool features of those packages
  • Learn how to deploy Dynamo packages
  • Have fun!



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