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Dynamo & Curtain Panels – A Wild Brick Pattern Workflow in Revit

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    In this class, we explore a dynamic brick façade in Revit. You will learn about several modeling techniques to model protruding brick elements. Then, after exploring generic model nested families with arrays, you will learn about the benefits of using curtain walls with custom curtain panels. We will explore the benefits and limitations of using curtain walls for complex façade elements. Then, you will learn how to push your façade designs to the next level by using Dynamo. You will learn how to map an image on a brick wall to modify the extrusion depth of protruding bricks. You will also learn how it is possible to randomize the brick patterns. Overall, the workflow presented will allow you to create innovative façade designs while saving countless hours of tedious work.

    Key Learnings

    • Understand the difference between nested families and curtain walls for complex façade elements.
    • Create a generic family made of arrays and nested components.
    • Design a dynamic brick façade using custom curtain panel families and the curtain walls tool.
    • Use Dynamo to map images to the façade and randomize wall elements.