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Dynamo for Civil 3D: Automated Checks of Open-Format Road Design Made Easy

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    In the design phase of infrastructure projects, automation of road design offers tremendous benefits to engineers. Passing from tedious, manual road-design checks to automatic checks speeds results, while reducing possible error sources. This class will introduce a new way of supporting collaboration between owners and operators through an openBIM approach. Dynamo for Civil 3D software enables the import of multiple LandXML files that were not necessarily developed in Civil 3D. Instead of using Civil 3D Design Criteria with a limited number of design parameters, Dynamo increases flexibility, checks more parameters, and creates automatic reports. When owners rely solely on Civil 3D and Dynamo, instead of external model checkers, they’re empowered to control the design with improved consistency by centralizing all aspects of road-design checking in one environment. This design check comprises the first step of a complete innovation path, eventually leading to a more comprehensive automation.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to develop Dynamo scripts as standard routine for road design check starting from LandXML files
    • Learn how to create automatic reports of the design parameters
    • Learn how to implement customizable solutions to complete complex and repetitive tasks efficiently on time
    • Learn how to collaborate with open formats and add more flexibility to the design process