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Dynamic Anatomy for 3D Artists

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    This class is about understanding human and animal anatomy and how that internal structure relates to external movement. Increasing demands for realism place a greater emphasis on accurately recreating the subtle details of motion and skin deformation. To recreate anything accurately, we first need to understand it. In this class, we explore foundation concepts of movement from an anatomical perspective. What are the different tissue types that are involved in movement and what are their properties? What forces are involved in moving and how do anatomical structures relate to these forces? What are the limitations of different parts of the body and how does all of this relate to what the viewer accepts as feeling real? Though mainly conceptual, this class also goes into specifics about creature design, topology layout, joint placement, and more. This class is not specific to any software package but is designed to be directly relevant to those who have an interest in animation, modeling, and rigging.

    Key Learnings

    • Apply a new understanding of anatomy and how it relates to movement
    • Describe the forces that act on the body to create movement and distribute weight
    • Create more realistic animation of creatures or characters
    • Design characters and build geometry and rigs that are better suited to realistic movement