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Don’t Lose Your Intelligence Through Knowledge Management

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    Capturing what your employees know and then formatting and presenting it to the company has become a huge need as the amount and value of knowledge along with the efficiency of getting to it has become increasingly important. The amount of internal knowledge is growing exponentially just as many cornerstone employees are retiring, taking what they know with them. We will show you what you know, who knows it, how to gather it, and how to transfer that information effectively to others at your company. We have found that with the proper champion, the implementation of a solution is the simple part of the problem. Realizing there is the problem and getting business buy-in is the hard part!

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to find the lost undocumented information at your company
    • Learn how to capture information that’s leaving the company with employees
    • Learn how to drive employees to this information with minimal work
    • Discover simple metrics on the success of the process