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Digital Plant in the Cloud— Cloud Computing for Plant Construction and Operation
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During recent years computing technology has moved quickly from desktop computers to mobile devices and cloud computing. Such a technology shift provides both CAE vendors and enterprise users with large challenges and large opportunities. In the first part of the lecture we will present Bayer AG's vision for the application of these technologies. What advantages does a global chemical enterprise like Bayer experience, what technological requirements does such an enterprise have, and which challenges does it face? In the second part of the class the Bayer vision is compared to the view of Autodesk, Inc., as an innovative CAE software provider. Cloud and mobile computing—just a vision 5 years ago—is now reality in a variety of released cloud and mobile apps. How does this technology match the needs of industry? How is it accepted, and will it indeed induce major changes in the ways that CAE is applied in a chemical enterprise like Bayer? We will provide a snapshot of an interesting interaction between industry vision and software vendors' visions.

Key Learnings

  • Understand the needs of an owner/operator of a process plant
  • Understand the value of Autodesk cloud and mobile offering
  • Learn about the concerns and challenges of owners when dealing with cloud offerings
  • Understand the benefits of a close partnership between industry and Autodesk


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