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Digital Barn-Raising: How Standards Communities are Building the Metaverse

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    If the metaverse is ever to realize its potential, it must be open. Content creation must be accessible, and the content itself must be portable across different devices and contexts from eCommerce to multi-user gaming to real-time collaboration. In short, the metaverse needs open standards. No one company will own the metaverse – and no one SDO will define its underlying standards. In this session, Neil Trevett, President of the Khronos Group, will explore the constellation of open standards, open source software projects, and organizations who are currently working to evolve formats and standards for 3D content creation to support metaverse applications. He’ll discuss how these organizations are working to identify and address barriers and gaps in standards, tooling, and resources; how collaboration across organizations is evolving; and how companies and individuals can get involved.

    Key Learnings

    • Describe the roles of the open standards, open source software projects, and organizations developing metaverse standards
    • Articulate gaps in the metaverse content development ecosystem that can be mitigated through standards
    • Identify current standards and formats that can be leveraged for the creation of portable metaverse assets
    • Find opportunities to influence the development of standards that affect their work