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Developer story: What did I learn when developing enterprise application using Forge

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    The class is using real world example of Forge based enterprise solution - spare part management system - which was created as joint effort between Andritz AG and Autodesk Consulting. The solution is simplifying ordering process of spare parts and reduces bidding process from weeks to hours. The class describes how to design and develop large scale applications using modern web technologies (Angular, Node.js), how to use Forge and integrate data from various sources - both cloud and on premise (i.e. SAP). It also provides some insights about using cloud services such as Microsoft Azure. Attendees of the class will learn about reusable patterns of cloud solutions. It also provides useful tips for developing large scale web applications - how to deploy application and operate solution for production use, how improve performance of application, how to monitor running application and troubleshoot issues.

    Key Learnings

    • Describe architecture of Forge base enterprise application
    • Understand how to build large scale applications
    • Identify reusable patterns of cloud application
    • Learn useful development tips for web applications