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Design for Zero Carbon! Decarbonizing the Revit House together.

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    Discover decarbonization design strategies for building design as well as a data-informed workflow of implementing these strategies to decarbonize the training Revit House. Using Revit, the Revit One Click Plugin and One Click LCA, we will show you how to extract and manage quantitative and material data to measure the embodied carbon emissions associated with the design of the Revit House. After examining the results, and discovering the carbon hotspots, we’ll decide appropriate decarbonization strategies, aiming for a reduction of 40% in line with the World Green Building Council goal. We’ll then take you through the process of applying those strategies to the Revit House. Integration between Revit and One Click LCA has streamlined the data-informed workflow and provides carbon data when the designer needs it. Having this data means the designer can make data-informed design decisions and subsequently deliver measurably lower carbon buildings.

    Key Learnings

    • Estimate the embodied carbon emissions of a building design.
    • Identify appropriate decarbonization strategies for building design using a data-informed workflow.
    • Apply decarbonization strategies to a building design.
    • Verify the reduction in carbon emissions achieved using decarbonization strategies on a building design.