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Design Origin in Fusion 360: Digital Twin Manufacturing in the Metaverse

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    Imagine the possibilities of a fully digitized company in parallel with the real physical entity in an AI-based learning environment. This “digital twin” is described as an instance in the Metaverse. Now imagine a universal, bi-directional communication learning component that auto operates machinery based on key datasets including web traffic, inventory, and even utility electric consumption. No need to imagine, because we’re perfecting the platform. With the support of Lenovo’s powerful workstations & NVIDIA’s Omniverse we now have the ability to research the use of digital twin technologies as a real viable technological solution. Fusion360 is the launching point in design for workflow simulation in a dream ecosystem. In this industry talk, Aram Goganian of Predator Cycling, discusses the application of Fusion360 as a key facilitator for the integration of design, simulation, part management, & 3D print preparation within the development of workflow software system, Ayowork.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn the Role of The Metaverse in A-to-Z manufacturing
    • Understand the complete digital twin possibilities for an entire business workflow system in a micro factory environment
    • Recognize the design assets required from Fusion 360 for managing model development within the Metaverse
    • Envision and consider the use of AI engines capturing undulating data that directly affects machinery use and output