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Design for Environmental Justice and Resilience

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    As engineers, we solve problems by evaluating inputs, outputs, and boundary conditions. Engineers have attempted to solve problems surrounding the effects of global poverty since it has existed, but often neglect important historical and political inputs. Neglecting these inputs has resulted in growing global inequalities in terms of wealth, human rights, and livelihood. One factor leading to these disparities is how we go about measuring progress toward a more equitable world. How can engineering help effectively measure global inequalities and give justice to vulnerable people who have been and continue to be excluded and exploited, all while bearing the brunt of the ecological impact of climate change? In this class, we will discuss better ways of measuring inequalities, designing for environmental justice, and bringing the industry’s attention to these systemic and historical realities which are often ignored by practitioners.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover ways in which engineers can take actions to design for environmental justice and resilience.
    • Examine historical, political, and unjust global practices which keep poor and vulnerable people at a global disadvantage.
    • Discover case studies in environmental justice engineering related to water quality, air quality, and climate resilience.
    • Learn about the differences between sustainable or unsustainable measures of global progress toward a more equitable world.