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Hands-on Lab    CP126217-L
Design Develop Deploy: Digital Prototyping with Fusion 360
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This course will focus on the Digital Prototype,this is the critical stage after concept modeling is complete and you are refining a design prior to making a physical model. We'll explore the entire process- everything from ; Initial curve layout, the main body work , matching exiting geometry- all the way to making revisions after a design review. Join me in this course and you'll learn how to make high quality digital prototypes and make better faster design and development decisions. Get ready to Design, Develop & Deploy!

Key Learnings

  • Learn how to build a Fusion model respecting the design intent
  • Learn how to master advanced part-building techniques using each of Fusion 360 software’s workspaces
  • Learn how to prepare for down-stream prototyping and manufacturing
  • Learn how to creatively approach building future designs


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