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Design for Consumer-Level 3D Printing

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    The emergence of consumer-level 3D printers and their use for fabrication of practical objects (instead of prototypes) makes it important to understand their design rules and the physical properties of their output. In this class, we spend some time understanding exactly how these printers work, with a particular emphasis on how a 3D design intent is translated into actual toolpaths. Based on this understanding, you will be able to understand how to manage particular issues that affect printability and strength of parts, such as overhangs, bridges, wall thickness, filament orientation, and more. The class is illustrated with extensive example projects that are in active use in the 3D printing community. Design solutions to 3D printing issues are presented across a range of Autodesk® software, with a strong focus on consumer-level applications.

    Key Learnings

    • Design objects that are optimized for consumer-level 3D printing
    • Assess designs for ease of printability and strength
    • Describe the mechanisms underlying 3D printing and explain how they affect design
    • Identify and describe Autodesk tools for working with 3D printing