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Demystifying Optimization in Simulation

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    Meaningful CAE analysis implies adopting optimization in the simulation process. Starting with a brief overview of optimization, we will cover 2 simulation optimization tools in the cloud: Inventor software AIP simulation (which supports multistudy, multigoal exploration with a focus on weight savings) and Simulation Flex software (formerly Sim 360 software), which provides an efficient user interface to describe an optimization problem with goals, constraints and parameters. Simulation Flex software works with Saturn, the distributed cloud-based optimization platform and service. Using powerful on-the-fly charts, users can bookmark points on the design space and promote the selected run that meets the fitness criteria to the model.

    Key Learnings

    • Understand the optimization process in simulation
    • Learn how to manage Optimization for Inventor software AIP Simulation software
    • Learn about new technology like Simulator Flex software (formerly Sim 360 software) optimization
    • Learn about Saturn, the distributed cloud-based optimization platform and service