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Demystifying Digital Twins

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    Did you know that 95% of construction data goes unused during building operations? Digital twins may change the way owners interpret and ultimately use that data, but owners have to know where to start. “Digital twin” is an industry buzzword these days, and there’s no shortage of companies who claim to be experts on these data-rich models. However, if the concept of a digital twin is going to survive its initial 15 minutes of fame, we must stop viewing digital twins as products and start seeing them for what they really are: intricately detailed processes. Every digital twin solution on the market looks and functions differently from the next. However, they all share a similar goal: to re-create a physical space in a dynamic 3D environment. But the true appeal of a digital twin lies in the data. While most digital twin solutions have figured out how to integrate data and models, only a few have figured out how to present that data in an immersive, interactive and useful way.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn about digital twins (industry definitions and examples, including Autodesk Tandem).
    • Learn about the process required to realize an accurate and useful digital twin.
    • Highlight the connection between digital twins, data, tools, stakeholders, and additional touchpoints.
    • Learn about the industry potential of digital twins over the next five to ten years.