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Demain's Journey from Strategic Partnership to Commercial Entity

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    Demain is a consortium of like-minded contractors and engineers that leverage data and manufacturing to unite the value stream and productize the delivery of construction. What began as collaboration between MEP engineers, contractors, and software engineers has uniquely evolved into its own commercially viable entity. Participants of this session will learn why Demain was founded, and how it's evolved over the years. The projects chronicled in this case study will provide the audience with real-life examples of how strategic partnerships can drive the industrialization of construction and how integration though data offers a compelling alternative to vertical integration.

    Key Learnings

    • Understand the industry problems that inspired the formation of Demain
    • Hear the history of how has Demain evolved from a branded collaboration to an operating entity
    • Learn about the challenges the consortium has had to overcome
    • Discover new insights that will help participants implement their own industrialized construction workflows