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Deliver GPU-accelerated Windows 10 workstations in Azure with Workspot Workstation Cloud

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    Imagine replacing your physical workstations with GPU-accelerated virtual workstations in Azure. Allow your engineers and designers to work from the office, home, hotel or job site. Deliver virtual workstations in Azure to your team anywhere in the world, with the level of performance that exceeds that of your physical workstations. Learn how Andy Knauf, CIO, Mead & Hunt has done just that - using Workspot Workstation Cloud to deploy virtual workstations in Azure to his design team, while connecting multi-terabyte data sets across 30+ locations across the country, and all at a flat rate fixed subscription fee. Andy will share his experience each step of the way on his amazing journey to ultimate business agility while reaching the highest levels of end-user experience.

    Key Learnings

    • How to provision GPU-accelerated workstations in Azure
    • Configure Windows 10 desktops & apps in Azure using your AD and security policies
    • Deploy powerful Azure workstations to engineers and designers around the world
    • Learning Objective: Connect multi-terabyte data sets over high-speed networks accessed by virtual workstations (next generation VDI)