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Data Synchronization: AutoCAD Map 3D Enterprise, FME®, and Esri® ArcGIS®

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    Sacramento Area Sewer District (SASD) chose AutoCAD® Map 3D Enterprise software industry models as the front-end GIS application for creating and editing sewer assets. SASD needed a synchronization solution so that the SASD enterprise GIS (ArcGIS) could be updated accordingly. The long-transaction functionality (jobs) in AutoCAD® Map 3D Enterprise industry models provides a framework where inserted, edited, and deleted features can easily be queried for synchronization. In this roundtable session, we discuss how to use AutoCAD® Map 3D jobs in conjunction with FME data conversion software to synchronize Esri ArcGIS.

    Key Learnings

    • Identify the database tables used in an AutoCAD Map 3D Enterprise industry model to work with jobs
    • Customize job states to provide a synchronization state
    • Query inserts, edits, and deletes in an AutoCAD Map 3D Enterprise industry model job
    • Explain how FME data conversion software can be used in conjunction with Map 3D jobs to update Esri ArcGIS